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Myfavorite time to run is at night.

This particular run inearly August brought a break to the humid, muggy weather I left onthe East Coast. I used my body as a human psychrometer, knowing thatthe cold feeling of evaporating sweat signaled much needed dryair.

I cross over the bridge into Minnesota. Out of mythree sports, cross country is definitely my worst — but I continueto be hooked on it. Unlike swimming and track, my motivation to runis heavily intrinsic. I live for the long runs I take on by myself.While they rarely happen during our season, we were assigned a longrun to complete over our first weekend of cross country. In reality,I was supposed to go six miles, but felt eight gave me more time toexplore the home I had just returned to. My mind begins to wander asI once again find my rhythm.

My train of thought whilerunning is similar to the way one thinks in the minutes before sleep— except one has more control over how these thoughts progress andwhat tangents they move off of. While special relativity would be the"proper" thing to think about, especially at MITES, Irevive the violin repertoire I had turned away from for so long andbegin playing it in my head. I'm now at the edge of town in betweenthe cornfields. The streaming floodlights on the open road give me asense of lonely curiosity, reminiscent of the opening lines ofWieniawski's first violin concerto. I come up with adaptations of themelody in my head, experimenting with an atonality similar toStravinsky's.

I turn south onto a highway heading towardsdowntown. The dark night sky is broken by the oncoming lightpollution. While I've longed for a road trip across the country, theneon lights from Sunset Lanes will have to do for Las Vegas. Turningwest, I see a man and perk up as I try to look more menacing than Ireally am. But I relinquish. I realize that I did such an act simplybecause of the color of his skin. I kick myself for reverting topassive racism — something I spent much of the summer trying toovercome.

The bridge over Main Avenue leads me back intoNorth Dakota and downtown Fargo. My city is on the eve of its annualpride week — the largest in North Dakota. Beyond the rainbow flagslining downtown, I see the Catholic cathedral I attend every Sundayoutside of the summer. The juxtaposition brings back memories oftrying to come to terms with my own beliefs. The conservatism on mymom's side of the family often clashes with the more liberal views ofmy dad's family. Fargo is known for its "nice" attitude,but the discussion of controversial issues is often set aside infavor of maintaining peace. On the surface this can be good, but itmakes change a long and cumbersome process, and has caused me tobecome very independent in finding my own belief system — somethingespecially difficult when these beliefs may have to do with yourfuture identity.

The remaining part of my run is short anduneventful. The fact that the traffic lights have switched toblinking yellow and red means that I have been out later than usual.When I get home, I find that my run took somewhere around an hour —I honestly don't care about time during my distance runs. Longs runsare often seen as a runner battling the distance rather than time.But for me, long runs are a journey — both physically and mentally.Each time I run a route, I understand my surroundings and city moreand more, and couldn't be more excited and sad to know that I'mleaving this place in a year's time. 














1.muggy 一词用得非常精妙,巧妙得突出了当地的气候特点;

2.tangent 切线,相切;接触;离题,

3.Juxtaposition 并置,并列;毗邻;这个精准描写了两个物体的相邻位置




1.My favorite time to run is at night. 开篇就点题,做本文内容预设。

2.On the surface this can be good, but it makes change a long and cumbersome process, and has caused me to become very independent in finding my own belief system — something especially difficult when these beliefs may have to do with your future identity. 此句从实到了虚,在写作中,如果要做立意的转化一定要虚实结合,从实到虚实我们要掌握的技巧。










学霸Martin Altenburg有着强烈的求知欲,他的高中成绩是最高分——5分,修了所有AP科目,其中包括生物学,欧洲历史,人文地理,英语,微积分和化学等等。




当这名学霸修完了他所在的高中提供的所有数学课,他在高二暑期参加了MIT的暑期项目MITES,并修了课程微积分2(CalculusII );在高三的上学期,他在本地的一所大学上了课程微积分3(CalculusIII )。




从成绩来看,Martin Altenburg是妥妥的学霸,有着强烈的求知欲,修了一系列高难度课程,并且都是满分。他参加过很多数学竞赛,是FargoYouthInitiative项目的创始人和共同主席。除此之外,他有音乐和体育方面的特长,擅长小提琴,在越野、田径、游泳运动方面参加过比赛。